Google Students Club

About our Club

Google students club has been inaugurated in IT department of our college. The club focuses on spreading of computer knowledge through interactive learning methods. The Google students Club of Department of IT is introducing four domains to improve the skills of the students .These domains helps the students to understand the computer world better. The major domains focused are

Android application, Linux administration, Webpage development, Internet Of Things.

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About our Members

Google club of PSNACET members may :

1) Work closely with local Google Student Ambassadors.
2) Attend events to bring awareness about Google’s products and brand.
3) Spread the word about competitions, training opportunities, scholarships and other events.
4) Build relationships on campus with faculty and student groups.
5) Test products and features.
6) Promote product use and new product launches to fellow students.
7) Spread Google good will to our fellow student.

What are the Qualifications?

Google club members must be:

1) Passionate about technology.

2) Own an active gmail and activated google plus account.

3) Successfully complete the online membership form.

4) No payment of any fees as this is the freest club.

Google club Benefits

As a Google club member, you will:

1) Receive regular updates about exciting new Google products / features, programs and announcements.

2) Enhance your professional development, leadership, technical and communication skills.

3) Be eligible to participate in special Google events, product trainings.

4) Exchange best practices with google apps fans from other schools and disciplines.

5) Add the Google club membership experience to your resume.