Applied CS with Android


Applied Computer Science with Android is a Google initiative to help university students understand and apply computer science concepts using the Android platform Google’s Applied CS with Android program is designed for university Computer Science students and enhances various concepts from their current curricular work. - GSC PSNACET.

This year event will take place in our PSNACET on this summer. The program revisits concepts from Data Structures and Algorithms, as well as Artificial Intelligence. We use Android as a platform for development because it’s modern, has an easy to use graphical interface – and, it’s just fun! So take your time to spend Summer in this curtual gem in India with the company of experts and technical geeks. - REGISTER HERE.

So should you also be excited? Well yes and we are too… and here’s why!

  • Our course is:

    • completely free and accessible online
    • created for university students from pre-final and final years (juniors and seniors)
    • delivered by trained facilitators or Google affiliated community members
    • customizable to fit different academic schedules and needs
    • an exciting opportunity to start developing games in Android using data structure and algorithms knowledge

Hurry Up!!!

So hurry up to register to the program, as you’ll get a huge inspiration to create your cool projects after these days in the company of coders, hackers, geeks and just experts of our industry.

Like Us!!

More details about the program will appear in subsequent posts, meantime check us on our website in order not to miss any cool stuff about the program.

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